GuardRails SaaS and GuardRails Enterprise Improvements


  • Improved UI to add install button in the account drop-down
  • Added Filter Actions
  • Added Repository Insights
  • Improvement to showing vulnerable libraries
  • Bug fixes


  • Integration of git-cloner helper engine to allow cloning with .git directory
  • Fix scan dates
  • Filter actions
  • Bug fixes


  • Change queryVulnerabilitiesForScan for better performance
  • Fix order of checking for params and ACL in controllers
  • Fix list by time (Insights)
  • Fix validation erroring on empty docs string
  • Create missing BitBucket repositories in repositories list controller
  • Filter Actions
  • Repository Insights
  • Bug fixes


  • Add ‘useGitClone’ into config validation
  • Bug fixes


  • Several bug-fixes and performance improvements