API new endpoints + white label

API Changes

New endpoints have been added to our API in order to support incidents creation and incident updates, so now you are able to programmatically set the status of your services in your status page.

For more information checkout our API documentation.

White Label

You can now remove the “Powered by Statuspal” watermark, you can find a checkbox in the settings page of your status page’s dashboard.

Annual plans now supported!

Statuspal now supports annual billing! save 10% compared to the monthly plans!

If your already are already subscribed to a monthly plan you can easily switch to a yearly one by going to your status page’s admin panel on the plans page.

Slack Integration is Here!!

Let your customers subscribe to receive status updates on your status page via Slack!

Enabling it is as easy as marking a checkbox in your settings, find out more in our help article.

Fixes on history graph & translations

Two fixes on this release:

  1. Fixed an issue where the history graph could have miscalculations on when multiple services were affected.
  2. The subscription confirmation message on the status page was missing as a translatable field, it has now been added to it.

Multi-language support

You can now configure support for multiple languages in your status page, as well as change its default language, so for instance if you want to serve your status page only in Danish now you can do that.

Configuring multiple languages is very easy and you can find more information in out help site.

Private Services

Services can now be marked as private, which will cause for them to not be visible in your status page, but can be monitored.

This is useful specially for children services of a public service, this way you can keep a more granular, internal state of your services and a more broad one in the public.