Our status pages are now scoring A+ on SSL Labs

It was brought to our attention that our status pages were scoring B on SSL Labs, we’ve worked on this and managed to fix the issue and are now scoring A+ for both .statuspal.io and custom domain status pages.

Email template customization

Fully customize the look of your email templates for status update notifications and subscription confirmation emails.

Here is an example of customized email template to include a company logo:

To find more information head out to our help portal.

Datadog Synthetics to metrics support

It is now possible create metrics in your status page from Datadog Synthetics!

Follow our help article on the matter to start importing Datadog Synthetic tests.

Member restricted status page, SSO support & grand child services

Member restricted status page

Statuspal now allows you to restrict your private status page to your team members, including a new member role called “Viewer” which grants access to see and subscribe to a status page.

This adds an alternative layer of security to your status page compared to the already existing IP restricted privacy settings.

Once you have restricted the access your customers will be prompted to sign in in order to access your status page:

SSO support

Single sign-on support is now generally available, you can now manage your organization’s access through your IDP like Okta or Microsoft Azure.

Find out more at our help article.

Grand child services

We’ve added support for one more level of nesting within services, so you can display with even more granularity the different components of your system.

This grand child services behave the same as the existing nesting level services, they can have uptime graph, be monitored, etc.

Organizations, Sendgrid integration and more

🏢 Organizations

Organization accounts are finally here! 🎉🎊🎈

You can now group you status pages according to your organizations, and keep billing on each organization instead of a user account.

✉️ Sendgrid integration

Sendgrid has been added to our list of supported integrations, you can now send your incident email notifications through your Sendgrid account.

🔒 Captcha protection

Your status page is now protected from spammers! we’ve added hCaptcha to protect the email subscription form, so only real people can subscribe to receive your notifications.

Per-incident subscriptions & service selection improvements

🔔 Per-incident subscriptions

Your subscribers are now able to subscribe on a per-incident basis so they will receive notifications on a specific incident only.

⚡️ Service selection improvements

Additionally we’ve made it more intuitive to subscribe on a per-service basis, you can now select the services right when you’re creating your subscription, instead of later when managing it.

No step is required on your side to enable this, it should be available to all status pages right away!

Discord Notifications

Your customers can now subscribe to receive status updates directly in their Discord channels! this can be easily done with a Discord webhooks URL.

To enable Discord notifications just go click on Status page in the sidebar and check “Enable Discord notifications”.

Per-service Uptime Graph, Improved Subscriber Emails & More

Per-service Uptime Graph

Per service uptime graph are finally here! this highly requested feature is now available and easily configurable in the service form.

You can continue to display the global uptime graph in combination with per-service uptime graphs.

Improved Subscriber Emails

We have improved the looks of the subscriber emails: confirmation email and status update emails, to make it easier for your customers to read and understand them.

These are examples of how the new email notifications look:

Resend Subscriber Confirmation Email

You are now able to resend confirmation emails to your email subscribers that might have missed the original email, you’ll find a “Resend confirmation email” button in the Subscribers page for your email subscriptions.

Date Format Customization & Other Improvements

Date format customization

It is not possible to configure the format of the date times displayed in your status page.

Lear more about it in our help article.

Subscription improvements
  1. Slack subscriptions form now reliably pull full list of Slack channels, as well as alphabetically order them.
  2. Subscription form styles improved, now fits better in the overall design.
Incident page more relevant description meta tag

The description meta tag (whats parsed by Google) now includes the text of the latest posted update.

Languages bug fix

It was possible to have more than one “default” language due to a bug, this is now fixed.

Say hello to Webhooks! 🚀🔌🔧

We’re very happy to introduce Webhooks for your status page and monitored services!

We’re starting off with webhook events for monitored services and incident life cycle, but expect much more soon.

Beware that this new functionality is still in beta stage, so there might be some things to polish, but please give it a try and let us know what you think!

You can find out more at our help article or go try it out at your admin panel.

Introducing a Fresh New Look with Dark Mode support!

The Statuspal admin site has a fresh new look! with a much more accessible navigation menu presented as a sidebar, a cleaner Dashboard and overall improved UI.

This new look comes with a brand new Dark Mode included:

Try it out and let us know what you think!

Custom Header & Footer

You are now able to configure a custom header and footer for your status page! this will be the preferred way of customization moving forward, as custom themes are becoming deprecated as they proved to be not friendly enough.

We created this beautiful concept status page to try this new feature, you can see it at indiehackers.statuspal.io.

To find out more about how to configure a custom header and footer for your status page in our help guide.

Incident Templates

You are now able to create and manage incident templates that you can easily apply when creating or updating an incident, saving you time in copying and pasting repetitive updates.

You can find out more in our incident templates guide.

No CC required trials, Status Badge and more

You are now able to start your 14 days trial period without credit card upfront (if you haven’t already)!

And say hi to one of the most requested features: Status Badge! you can now embed your status into your own website, so on top of linking to it your users can see its status right from your website:

You’ll find it under “More > Status Badge” in your status page’s admin panel.

Another important change is from now on when your customers subscribe to receive updates and they select All the services they will also get automatically subscribed to any new services you might add in the future!

Multiple IE fixes + EU region Mailgun

Multiple issues found on IE have been fixed in both our landing page and the status pages.

  • The “Subscribe to updates” button would not work due to an IE related Javascript error.
  • The subscription modal when subscribing via SMS the country selector was truncated, this is now fixed

We have also fixed our Mailgun integration form to support EU region domains, this was not possible before.

Per-service subscriptions & Custom notification email

Per-service Subscriptions

Enable your customers to subscribe to only the services they care about, reducing the noise for them.

This new functionality is now available for all types of subscriptions: SMS, Email and Slack, whenever your customer creates a subscription they will receive a confirmation with a link to manage the subscription, there they will see the above screen.

Custom Notification Email

From now on whenever we send an email to your subscribers we’ll use your email in the “from” field of the email, by default using “[email protected]”, and you can customize it in settings under “Notification email” whenever email subscriptions are enabled.

Email Subscribers Importing

You can now import your email subscribers from a CSV file easily! 🎉🎊📩

Simply head to the Subscribers page in your admin panel and click on Import email subscribers:

For more information follow our detailed help article.

SMS status updates

You are now able to send SMS status updates from your status page! thanks to our Twilio integration, you can easily enable SMS subscriptions in your status page settings tab.

Find out more in our herlp article: Configure SMS Notifications (Twilio Integration).

Auto-refresh, Monitoring improvements & Added Incident information

This release contains many improvements on both status pages and monitoring:

  1. Auto-refresh feature: Your status page will now automatically refresh every 60 seconds, it will display information explaining this.
  2. Added more information on the incidents displayed on your status page, like incident type and updates types:
  3. Pause monitoring on services under maintenance: You can now configure your monitored services to be ignored during scheduled maintenances, you can enable this feature by checking the checkbox “Pause monitoring during maintenances” under the monitoring options of your service.
  4. The ping URL of your monitored services is now included in our email monitoring alerts, for you to have more context when you receive them.

API new endpoints + white label

API Changes

New endpoints have been added to our API in order to support incidents creation and incident updates, so now you are able to programmatically set the status of your services in your status page.

For more information checkout our API documentation.

White Label

You can now remove the “Powered by Statuspal” watermark, you can find a checkbox in the settings page of your status page’s dashboard.

Annual plans now supported!

Statuspal now supports annual billing! save 10% compared to the monthly plans!

If your already are already subscribed to a monthly plan you can easily switch to a yearly one by going to your status page’s admin panel on the plans page.

Slack Integration is Here!!

Let your customers subscribe to receive status updates on your status page via Slack!

Enabling it is as easy as marking a checkbox in your settings, find out more in our help article.

Fixes on history graph & translations

Two fixes on this release:

  1. Fixed an issue where the history graph could have miscalculations on when multiple services were affected.
  2. The subscription confirmation message on the status page was missing as a translatable field, it has now been added to it.

Multi-language support

You can now configure support for multiple languages in your status page, as well as change its default language, so for instance if you want to serve your status page only in Danish now you can do that.

Configuring multiple languages is very easy and you can find more information in out help site.

Private Services

Services can now be marked as private, which will cause for them to not be visible in your status page, but can be monitored.

This is useful specially for children services of a public service, this way you can keep a more granular, internal state of your services and a more broad one in the public.